A User Interface Device for the Internet of Things

NextDev with polished blue enclosure

Arduino repository online.

Over the past few days I have started to get the Arduino code repository online so that the community can get a preview.

Guy Molinari
— 4 min read

Arduino easiness!

Yesterday I posted an update to Kickstarter with the news that the libarary and driver for the NextDev was complete. A number of you asked me for a code example.

Guy Molinari
— 3 min read

NextDev launched!

NextDev was launched on Kickstarter today at 3 pm.

Guy Molinari
— < 1 min read

Introducing NextDev!

NextDev is a small, low cost, WiFi (Internet) connected device with an integrated LCD TFT touch screen display. In a very real sense it is a standalone computer for controlling a network of sensors and actuators. It simplifies the development your own applications for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Guy Molinari
— 5 min read